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A full-size shallow crank from Shimizu Morizo, who knows crankbaits better than anyone.

To catch shallow big fish. After about 10 years of development and testing, Morizo's full-size shallow crankbait, Zerg, embodied the ideal action that Morizo ​​Shimizu wanted. The

unique shapes seen in each part are not gimmicky, but are shaped to create what Morizo ​​calls "a catchable action". Fixed center of gravity and completely silent. It balances the contradictory elements of bullet-like flight and high buoyancy required for shallow cranks. Not only is it absolutely catchable

, but it is also thoroughly focused on ease of use, making it an absolute confidence product that you can trust and pull down in open water, grass cover, wood cover, mid-layer, and bottom.

① Impressive flight distance despite fixed weight
Although it uses a fixed weight for fast swimming, sharp action, and stability, the tail is sharply tapered to stabilize the flight posture. It can hit a flight distance that you would not expect from a fixed weight, so it does not put pressure on wary shallow big fish.

② Natural roll action
Produced by Morizo, it appeals naturally with a roll action inherited from the Wild Hunt, a representative crankbait that catches fish. The presence and roll of the full-size body move the water with the slightly flat side of the body, strongly appealing to big fish in the shallows.

③ Outstanding straight-line stability even when reeled in quickly
By receiving water not only with the lip but also with the recess in the head, we have succeeded in increasing the straight-line stability while maintaining the sharpness of the action. You can control the lure at a speed that is enough to make big fish in the shallows react and bite.

④ Blinking effect that appeals to the bass's vision The
roll action of the body, which is intermediate between round and flat sides, creates a blinking effect due to flashing, and in addition to appealing to the lateral line with the vibration and water push of the crankbait, it also appeals strongly visually. It is effective in attacking big bass in the shallows.

⑤ Quick swimming start & recovery after hitting the cover
The low center of gravity fixed weight, which fits snugly into the weight room, starts the action quickly immediately after landing on the water. At the same time, immediately after hitting the cover and losing balance for a moment, it quickly recovers and starts its action. It leads to a strike without giving the big bass a chance to think.

⑥ Silent design that does not apply unnecessary pressure
The low center of gravity fixed weight, which fits snugly into the weight room, eliminates weight play and makes it silent. It appeals with its body size and action, leading to a bite without putting unnecessary pressure on the wary big bass.

⑦ Wide range of adaptability in any situation
The square, coffin, and round hybrid lip creates a natural action without any quirks, while also demonstrating all-round performance that can be used in many situations and fields. Its swimming and adaptability increase the probability of catching a big fish.

 Zerg action movie

Shimizu Morizo: Zerg is in great form, catching a fish over 55cm during a program interview!

Zerg series lineup
▶ Zerukputi
Size: 60mm/13.0g Diving range: 1.1-1.3m
▶Zerg (original)
Size: 72mm/19.5g Diving range: 1.2-1.5m


full length 7.2cm Self-restraint 19.5g
type floating Diving Range 1.2–1.5 m
Recommended tackle Rod: Medium to medium heavy 6'6" to 7'0" baitcasting rod
Line: 12 to 20 lb.
Ring (Snap) Size [Line eye] #3, [Hook eye] Front: #3, Rear: #3
Hook Size [EG Treble Magic] Front: #4 Rear: #4



  • A body with a shape between round and flat sides
    - Inherits the same rolling action as the Wild Hunt, which has been a big hit with fish. The slightly flat sides of the body push the water firmly while also creating a flickering effect to appeal to bass in shallow waters.
  • Hybrid lip shape
    ・Square, coffin, and round hybrid type. Provides all-around performance.
  • Head dent
    ・By receiving water not only on the lip but also on the recesses in the head, it achieves both sharp action and straight-line stability. If you set it in a direction that gives a sharp action, the balance will be easily disturbed at high speeds, and if you prioritize straight-line stability, the action will become dull.
  • Low center of gravity fixed weight (front and rear)
    ・Fixed weights are placed all over the front lower part of the body. This creates a sharp roll action. It also contributes to the quick start of swimming and the quick return when avoiding cover.

    ・Completely fixed silent design that does not put unnecessary pressure on the bass.
  • The tail section is sharply tapered
    ・Reduces air resistance and increases casting distance. Eliminates the disadvantages of a fixed center of gravity.

    ・Reduces water resistance and speeds up water handling, resulting in sharper action.
  • Offset front hook eye
    ・The front hook position is offset so that the lip protects the hook point. This improves the lure's ability to avoid cover even though the lip is short.
  • Treble Magic
    Comes standard with Treble Magic #4 , a high-strength treble hook that is easy to hook and difficult to lose .
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