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Zero1 Semilong 170g

Zero1 Semilong 170g

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Excellent initial response and best gliding performance brought about by precise weight balance. With two types of mobility that utilize rod work and sinking gravity, it develops a self-propelled slide and fall action from a tension-free state. By controlling the interval between the initial input to the slide and the autofall action, you can create the timing of invitation and feeding at will. ZERO1 semi-long is a self-propelled high-tech jig that combines the characteristics of short and long jigs.


High-Tech Motion

Free control of slide width

Jigs in the category called long require a large initial input when creating a slide action. These jigs, which are specialized for the performance of flying wide horizontally, have a very large appeal, but they require constant strong rod work, making it difficult to control the delicate slide width. Also, because they have to travel a long distance, they leave the prey area quickly, which limits their chances of getting a bite. ZERO1 is designed to start with a small force, making it easy to control the slide depending on the strength of the rod work. By repeating slow slides and falls near the bottom, or causing irregular slides with irregular actions, you can control the pitch of invitations and bites according to the conditions, greatly expanding the range of attacks.

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