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Yumeya 17 Ocea Jigger 2000MAX Spool

Yumeya 17 Ocea Jigger 2000MAX Spool

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Compatible with Ocea Jigger 2000NR series! Tonjigi special spool.

Introducing the Yumeya 17 Osea Jigger 2000MAX spool, which has the maximum amount of thread winding, and is compatible with the Osea Jigger 2000 series. It has a line capacity of No. 4-400m compared to the genuine spool No. 4-300m. It is ideal for the popular Tonjigi (jigging for Albacore), and has a specification that allows you to easily handle large yellowfin tuna that unexpectedly visit.

*Can be installed on models
17 Ocean Jigger 2000NRHG/2001NRHG/2000NRPG/2001NRPG, 19 Ocean Jigger F Custom 2000NRHG/2001NRHG, 21 Ocean Jigger 2000NRMG/2001NRMG

*Cannot be installed on 21 Ocean Jigger 2000NRXG/2001NRXG.
*This spool is exclusively for PE size 3 and above.


You can fight tuna with the highly versatile Osea Jigger 2000NR!


Tonjigi (jigging game aimed at albacore) and jigging aimed at yellowfin tuna are extremely physically taxing fishing activities that involve shaking heavy 200g to 500g jigs all day long. For that reason, when it comes to tackle, especially reels, it's better to use something small and light that will make it easier for you physically. But in general, as the reel gets smaller, the line capacity will decrease. Therefore, the Yumeya 17 Ocean Jigger 2000MAX spool was introduced to allow you to enjoy tuna jigging with a small and light reel that has the capacity to reel in No. 3 for 530 m and No. 4 for 400 m.

The capacity to reel in size 3 for over 500m and size 4 for over 400m is a standard when jigging for flatfish and yellowfin tuna. I'm quite worried about No. 4 - 300m against a 60kg class yellowfin tuna. Assuming that you can run 200m with a fish hooked at a depth of 150m, you will need a capacity of No. 4-400m. With size 4, you can set a suitable drag and apply tension, so you can apply a certain amount of pressure not only to albacore but also to yellowfin tuna. It would be ideal to be able to fight tuna with a highly versatile 2000 class reel. Yumeya 17 Ocean Jigger 2000MAX spool is a spool that achieves a practical amount of thread winding and an ideal reel size. Even those who are not confident in their physical strength or women can enjoy tonjigi with lightweight tackle. I think it will also be useful for amberjack games in deep waters in southern areas such as Okinawa.

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