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Yukimura 280g

Yukimura 280g

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"Attack is the best defence."
After the death of Hideyoshi, who unified the world, a cacophony resounds again. Ieyasu feared and feared the fierce general who resisted the perversion of power with the spirit of loyalty and Gitan and the tactics of Shinki Myosan, as the best soldier in Japan.

YUKIMURA asymmetrical throw style made
of lead with warped side edges to achieve a wide fall action with a moderate amount of looseness and sharpness.

I rush into the hero's headquarters with the determination to die.
Attack is the best defense.
"YUKIMURA", who raises the sail of Rokumonsen and goes on the offensive, shakes the cunning champion.


It reduces the pulling weight and realizes a moderate feeling of looseness.

By making the falling surface round, it is possible to make a wide fall that falls flutteringly.

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