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Worm37 Kg Hook Narrow

Worm37 Kg Hook Narrow

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It is a narrow gape specification kilo hook that eliminates unnecessary power and specializes in hanging anyway in order to make a valuable bite in a tough situation.
It boasts a high penetration force with little power loss during hooking, and it is easy to hook even from an insufficient posture such as deep range and long distance combined with exquisite thinning.

In recent years, the number of fields that do not use the mouth of bulky worms that emphasize appeal has been increasing. Therefore, it is easy to match with skinny type worms that match small baits and do not appeal too much, and it goes well with gil-type flat worms, slender stick baits, long worms, etc.
It can be said that it is an indispensable option to bring more fishing results when using it properly with other kilo hook series.

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