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Weight Sutte (Namari)

Weight Sutte (Namari)

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Hang the squid you touched! Sutte for squid metal games with outstanding needle hooks!



[Sharp needles with an emphasis on catching squid]

Uses domestic needles that focus on ease of hooking and durability. Adopts a round bend that is hard to come off after being stabbed. Due to the sharpness of the needle, even the squid that comes in contact with the lure when falling is automatically hooked by the weight of the sutte itself, and you won't miss any hits during the fall.


[Ball bearing swivel to eliminate thread twist]

A ball bearing is used for the eye to eliminate rotation and thread twisting after the squid is caught! Even if you use a dropper, you can use it without worrying about thread twist.


[Body color that can be used according to the situation]

Adopts a high-appeal luminous body (left photo) and a low-appeal pink body (right photo). The luminous body is effective when the amount of light is low, such as in deep areas or when it is cold. The pink body is effective when the bait is sardines or shallow water. In addition, when there are many Spanish mackerel and blowfish, the pink body, which has low appeal, is useful for avoiding fish.


[490 GLOW]

"490 Glow", a high-appeal color, has been added! A pilot that efficiently targets highly active squid with an easy-to-see luminescent color.

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