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Valkyrie World Expedition VKC-68M-4

Valkyrie World Expedition VKC-68M-4

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Valkyrie's versatile shaft that can handle all bass lures has been made stronger. A powerful new shaft with overflowing torque and a higher level of rigidity enables contact with more game fish. A unique new hybrid structure made of low-elastic carbon and glass demonstrates overwhelming load-bearing strength in situations where instant over-spec is required to fight against fish from around the world. The breaking strength of well over 8 kg at a lifting angle of 60 degrees is equivalent to the original Destroyer's Power Force "F6". This is a great rod that was developed not only for bass fishing, but also for anglers who travel around the world fishing like a regular bass rod.

■ Targets
Bass, catfish, sea bass (boat), rockfish (boat), peacock bass, pike, perch, zander, arowana, toman, barramundi

*The image is a prototype.


Length 6'8"
Lure capacity MAX 35g
Line capacity MAX 25lb. PE 2.5
Weight 141g
Section number 4 pieces
Content 85% carbon, 15% glass
Closed Length: 58cm



●Nano Matrix Composite Shaft
Layered with 4 layers of ultra-light, highly sensitive carbon and high elongation glass fiber. The unique tenacity of glass allows the entire rod to absorb the weight of heavy lures, and the carbon material's amazing resilience increases casting power. We have created a strong shaft that can easily swing through magnum size lures. In addition, the overwhelming power and torque created by the synergistic effect of the two types of materials will overwhelm the target's intense pull. The glass material flexibly follows the monster's violent rush and gill cleaning, greatly reducing the risk of breakage. Even hooking a single piece of skin will prevent you from cutting the fish and will bring it to the landing with a high probability. It is a composite shaft that will surely grab the rare chance and catch a valuable fish.



●VALKYRIE Extension Shaft
Just connect the extension shaft to the butt to expand the length from 8'8" to 9'6". Since there is no guide on the extension shaft, it can be replaced without cutting the line. You can quickly and easily change the rod length to suit the situation, such as the size of the field, required distance, accuracy, wind direction, and footing height.
*Equipped with VKS-88-96MH-5.5



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