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Ungula Tail

Ungula Tail

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Product features

The original hoof-shaped tail (UNGULA TAIL) firmly grips the water, and produces fluttering action with heavy downshot rigs, Texas rigs, leaderless downshots, etc. In addition, the body shape allows it to easily pass through, so it can be used without stress even in vegetation such as weeds or in heavy cover.

Recommended rig: Texas rig / jig head rig / no sinker rig / down shot rig / leaderless down shot / jig trailer etc.
Recommended hook Offset hook / Weighted hook
Recommended hook size 3/0 4/0

tail split

By tearing the wave-like slit that can be easily torn with your hand on the tail, the left and right sides do not interfere and generate independent crawling action.

As a jig trailer

It also produces excellent fishing results as a trailer for rubber jigs and swimming jigs.


UNGULA TAIL action video

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