Two-Tone Adventure Mask (JetSetter)

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Adventure mask [JetSetter] TWO-TONE

A new model of adventure mask for autumn to spring.

A soft and comfortable cotton mask.

The color adopts white and gray two-tone. It looks strange at first glance, but when you actually put it on, the color is familiar without discomfort.

Made of fabric, the ear straps can be tied to any position.

For hay fever and dust prevention, protection against colds and flu, and for good manners.

Furthermore, for jet setters who travel around the world, it is an indispensable item for preventing infection on board or as a countermeasure against dryness.

Made of high quality cotton, it can be used many times by washing, but please handle it cleanly.

Please use the two rubber straps on each side of the strap by tying them together. The standard practice is to pinch two pieces of rubber together to form a triangle and connect the vertices. The tying position should be 3 to 4 centimeters in height of the triangle.

[Body] 100% cotton