22 Troutia Feerique C50L-T

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Swinging bait model with the best versatile performance in the series

It can be used comfortably with any line system while adapting to various lure types such as minnows, spinners, spoons, and vibrations. A telescopic (swing) type bait casting model with a closed size of 41 cm that gives high mobility to its versatile performance. High-performance blanks that show almost the same supple bending as a one-piece rod promise accurate presentation in any form of cast, from long cast to pin spot cast. Its high versatility is highly recommended as one of the beginners who will start trout fishing in the stream from now on. A model that combines functionality and mobility at a high level.

C50L-T 5.0 7 41 85 max 7 max 6 260 120 B