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Thin Flat Core Brave 350 (Wood)

Thin Flat Core Brave 350 (Wood)

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Indicated price is for 1 piece. Color variation may differ from pictured.

- knob caps or knob fixing screw sold separately

Wood Knob for Shimano/Daiwa Thin Flat Core Brave 350

The easy-to-grip and friendly form is 35mm long and can be held firmly.

The handle that can be attached is the Shimano Yumeya A type, Daiwa handle knob S replacement standard, and can be attached to reels such as 14 Stella, 09 Aldebaran, 13 Certate, Alphas, etc. .

*Handle knob cap CoL is sold separately.
*Handle knob fixing screw 070 can be installed. (Can also be installed with the fixing screw that comes with the reel)

Product name Handle knob thinflatCore brave350
compatible model (compatible handle) Shimano A knob replaceable handle, Daiwa handle knob S replaceable handle, brimo handle
Package contents Handle knob body 1 piece, adjustment 2 shim washers, 1 spacer for Daiwa
Total length: 35mm, Maximum diameter: Approx. 19mm, Minimum width: Approx. 11mm

Variations in color and grain pattern can be caused by the minerals in the soil in which the tree thrived. The beauty of natural wood is derived from the fact that no two trees are identical. Wood cut from one part of a tree will appear different from wood cut from other parts of the same tree.

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