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TG Nobunaga Neo 160g

TG Nobunaga Neo 160g

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Near Sea Legend x Tungsten
Battle of Okehazama. Nobunaga achieved victory in an overwhelmingly disadvantageous situation with one-twentieth of his forces. A carefully calculated strategy and a well-trained body. People must have seen an immeasurable gigantic vessel in Nobunaga who led the battle to victory.
"TG NOBUNAGA NEO". Launch a surprise attack on the battle-hardened fighters with unrivaled speed and sharp long slides.
The history of "Nobunaga" begins again. A new legend is with you.

*This product prioritizes response and has the thinnest shape possible for tungsten molding, so there may be slight bending and warping during sintering. Also, there is a possibility of damage to the main body if the fish is caught and the fish rampage on the boat. Please be careful.
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