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TG Keiji 120g

TG Keiji 120g

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Lean through until the end of life. The unparalleled eccentric who lived loyally reprimanded his sworn friend Kanetsugu, and cut the enemy's approaching approaching on the road of the lord with a single blow with a long spear painted in vermilion.
"TG Keiji". A wave effect created by the two-sided structure of flat and round surfaces and the edges on both sides.
It darts with good response when jerking, and swings its tail violently when swimming to invite bites.
Horizontal fall (static) from flushing (dynamic). High-appeal type tungsten that overturns conventional wisdom.
Bakutsuri Musou. A eccentric who is loved by the heavens blooms flowers of Hyakumangoku in the lapis lazuli near sea.

*It has been confirmed that “Musashi” and “Kojiro” are used in the names of products sold by other companies. We have decided to change the name from "TG KOJIRO" to "TG MATSUKAZE".
Please note that package products with the old product name may be mixed at the time of transition.
There is no change in product specifications such as shape and weight.

weight 15g (45mm)
20g (48mm)
30g (49mm)
40g (58mm)
60g (60mm)
80g (70mm)
100g (80mm)
120g (87mm)
150g (95mm)
180g (92mm)
200g (95mm)
material tungsten

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