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Teppen Super Hammered 5.8g YUKAR

Teppen Super Hammered 5.8g YUKAR

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A collaboration of world-famous wood carver "Toru Kaizawa" x "traditional Ainu patterns" x "Skagit Designs"!
Covers all types of trout, from mountain stream fish to cherry salmon.
Hammered flushing makes it even more appealing!

An exquisite bend curve that reverses when it receives a certain amount of water flow and tries to dive on its own.
It does not have the sluggishness of the swim action that is common with heavy weight spoons, and it has increased flight distance and sinks well.
In addition, a large and deep hammered process is applied to the back side, creating effective diffused reflection even in the deep zone where the amount of light is low, increasing the appeal.

(S) - Silver
(G) - Gold

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