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Tamazon Joppy 70mm 9.5g

Tamazon Joppy 70mm 9.5g

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A joint popper from Skagit Designs!
Muddy water series is now available for black bass and catfish!

With the Muddy Water series Tamazone Joppy, let's leisurely catch fish eaters such as bass (smallmouth) and catfish that live in nearby wild ponds and rivers! I was born with the idea that I could propose fishing that relaxed my shoulders a little. After all, he is characterized by its novel design, but it is not an exaggeration to say that this is not simply a strange thing, but a "culmination of functions". It is a masterpiece that makes use of the advantages of the joint, such as the double splash sound of the cup and joint, the overwhelming flight distance using the centrifugal force of the rear center of gravity, and the good tail hooking due to the swing.

70mm (9.5g)

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