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Super Lark Long

Super Lark Long

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Super Lark Long


A popular rod holder that sells best.
Incorporating an adjust clamp function that can freely adjust the mounting width according to the boat side while the rod holder swings as a matter of course. The clamp can be attached vertically or horizontally as desired. A rod holder exactly responding to the expectations of boat fishing anglers.

A wide version with an installation width of 215 mm. Incorporating an improved clamp for ease of use.

● Installation effective width: 70 to 215 mm
● Applicable leader line (main line): Up to around No. 16
● Supporting rod size: 32 mm dia. max.
● Storage size (when accommodated in provided dry bag): 135 × 305 × 154 mm
● Weight: 2460 g
● Accessories: Dry bag for storage, Shirite Rope, and Hososaokei Adapter Set, and splint (130 × 80 × 50 mm)

Lark Rod Holder Function List
Detail 1
Mounted vertically or horizontally.
Possible to change the set pin position to mount the product vertically or horizontally as desired according to the shape and width of the boat side.
Installation effective width: 25 to 165 mm

Loosen the two fixing screws by one rotation, adjust the adjustment clamp to the thickness of the boat side, tighten the fixing screw completely, and then attach the product to the boat with the left and right clamp screws.

Note: The photo shows the Super Lark. The Super Lark Long is a long adjust clamp, which is 50 mm longer.
Detail 2
Possible to make rod holder angle adjustments freely.
The vertical angle of the rod (-5° to 10°) and the rod swinging angle are adjusted with a single screw.
Equipped with a magic band that keeps the rod without coming off with a big wave shock.
Detail 3
Provided with a dry bag for carrying and storage
Compact when folded and possible to accommodate the Super Lark neatly.
After washing the product with water, dry the wet product in a well-ventilated place, and store the product after lubrication.

Mount the product to the L-shaped handle of the clamp screw and turn the clamp screw with fingertips so that the product can be attached to or detached from the boat side in a speedy manner.
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