Summer 5 Fingerless Gloves

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Reinforcement for baitcasters

Adopts a water-absorbing and quick-drying fabric that has been repeatedly tested in a scorching environment of about 40°C. It can be used comfortably throughout the day without getting stuffy. Elastic polyurethane is sewn into the back of the wrist, and spandex (elastic thread) is used on the back of the wrist, making it light, strong, and resistant to aging. It has rubber-like elasticity and is smooth when putting on and taking off. In addition, the palm side of the baitcaster, which is easy to abuse, is strengthened. It is finished as an item that can be used for a long time. Click here
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  • In addition to the spiral design gray, amulet design orange and amulet fish design blue are newly added.
  • Please measure the size of the glove by referring to the image of "Glove size measurement position".