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Sukari 60SS Deep

Sukari 60SS Deep

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Bottom range capture type diving minnow!
  • Diving lips and heavy weights to keep them from sinking!
Diving lips and heavy weights for "sinking and not floating" instead of "rolling and diving". Scaled up sukari 50SS Deep considering using the main basin as the main field. It is possible to approach places with higher flow velocity or deep water. With the bottom wave drift that we are good at, we will pinpoint the large nervous fish that are localized behind the stones on the bottom of the river.
  • [Overall length] 60mm
  • [Weight] 8g
  • [Type] Thinking
  • [Hook] ST-36BC # 10 (swivel type hook hanger specification)
  • [Ring] # 2
  • [Main target] Trout
  • [Recommended area] Mountain stream
  • [Birthday] March 10, 2014
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