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Sukari 50SS

Sukari 50SS

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sukari 50SS
Profound and delicate, this is the sharpness of sukari!
  • Scary power that stretches infinitely from cross to down cross!
  • Outstanding cast performance unrivaled!
  • Heavy weights double the number of dance breaks!
We pursued the ability to swim through the flow and the persistent water entanglement in the downcross stream. Its high-weight body enables long cast of pin spots in the headwaters where casting is difficult, and allows you to control the action and range firmly in a very narrow range. Its ease of use covers not only the headwaters and mountain basins but also the middle basins.
  • [Overall length] 50mm
  • [Weight] 5g
  • [Type] Thinking
  • [Hook] ST-36BC # 12
  • [Ring] # 1
  • [Main target] Trout
  • [Recommended area] Mountain stream
  • [Birthday] March 10, 2010
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