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Steez Snappy Frog Jr.

Steez Snappy Frog Jr.

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STEEZ Snappy Frog / STEEZ Snappy Frog Jr.

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STEEZ Snappy Frog Jr. 40 5.3

An ambitious work that pioneered a new genre called Thinking Frog
DAIWA, which has been pursuing frog games for the past five years, was able to come up with a completely new genre called Thinking Frog. I completely broke the preconceived notion that if the frog gets water, it will not be possible to hook it. In fact, it can be hooked without any problems, and on the contrary, it has the destructive power to jump on bass that could not be caught until then.
In the first place, the starting point is the idea of ​​making the frog dog walk in the water. In the past few years, there have been many catches with big baits around Lake Kasumigaura, but in fact, many people fish with big baits on a dog walk. Is it possible to realize this fishing with a frog? With big bait, there is a risk of snagging, and it is not possible to attack the cover tightly. In that respect, frogs don't take root, so you can attack boldly. It can also be used for onions.
At the beginning, I tried putting water in STEEZ POPPER FROG Jr., which originally had low buoyancy. Then hooking is no problem. However, because there is a front cup, it gets caught and you can't move quickly. From there, the development of a model dedicated to underwater dog walks began.
As a result, STEEZ SNAPPY FROG with a new structure of low buoyancy was born. The low buoyancy has the advantage that it is easy to inhale, and it is also strong against the wind because it is a game in the water. Under normal conditions, it swims on a subsurface of about 5 cm, but if you fill it with water, it will sink back and slide, and you can choose a range of 50 to 60 cm. The pointed tip makes it easy to slip through the cover, and the single skirt allows for quick movements. The way the single skirt flutters with little resistance is also beautiful, and it is a new form of frog that can make you look like a shad.
The dog walk in the water is fresh for bass, and there is no doubt that it will be very effective in all reservoirs, including Oba station such as Lake Kasumigaura.
Difference between STEEZ Snappy Frog and Jr.
STEEZ snappy frog is positioned as the lightest frog that can be used with normal frog tackle. Use it by submerging it to the limit that you can see or not from just below the surface of the water and dog walk underwater.
On the other hand, STEEZ Snappy Frog Jr. is intended for use with spinning tackle. PE line of about 1.2 to 1.5 is recommended for L class spinning rods. The recommended action is the ultra-high-speed dog walk action just below the water surface, and this usage boasts an amazing number of bites.
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“SaqSas” that never misses a chance with amazing penetrating power
image Surface treatment technology with amazing penetrating power that could not be achieved with conventional plating. By applying a special fluorine-based plating process to the surface of the tension, the sticking performance is increased by up to 40% (average about 20%) compared to conventional paint tension (compared to our company). Catch small bites and short bites that could not be matched until now without missing. Once you experience the “crispy and sticky” sensation that is completely different from what you have experienced until now, it should be an unforgettable experience. In addition, since it is a stick that sticks very well, we would like you to be more careful when handling it.
image  image 
[Surface electron micrograph]
[Penetration power comparison data graph]
(The lower the number, the easier it is to penetrate.)
image FECO (Japan Bus Club) certified product

◎Frog equipped with FECO (Japanese Bass Club) certified weight
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