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Starter Kit (reel maintenance lubricant)

Starter Kit (reel maintenance lubricant)

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Ceramic Gear Grease 10ml
Power Drag Grease 10ml
Semi Fluid Grease 10ml
Cast Lube 5ml

DEUTHLON Ceramic Gear Grease

Revolutionary fishing reel gear grease – ultra high-performance lubricant exceeding the standards of all conventional grease available today in the world of competitive sports fishing!

DEUTHLON Semi Fluid Grease

An innovative lubricant with the durability and lubrication properties of a grease but a viscosity of an oil-based lubricant for lightness and low coefficient of friction. Specially formulated for the use of micro-bearings found in fishing reels.

DEUTHLON Power Drag Grease

Amazing power drag grease – Enhances drag force by a factor of 50 ~ 60% extra. Outstanding adhesion properties, yet remarkably smooth when under high drag load.


DEUTHLON’s CAST Lube is an ultra-light formula, with PTFE for friction, wear and noise reducing properties. Also contains DustShield™, to protect against dirt, rust and corrosion. Able to also disperse moisture and dissolve rust. An all-in-one lubricant formulated for both ceramic and high-speed bearings, made to withstand extreme conditions.

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