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Slow Style Stiletto SSS-64M (3G) BC

Slow Style Stiletto SSS-64M (3G) BC

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Length: 6.4feet
Pieces: one piece
Weight: 138g
LineWT: PE0.8~2
JERK MAX: 280g

SSS-64M is suitable not only for coast range jigging but also for medium deep sea jigging.
The high modulus tip section allows your jig to give sharp actions.
SSS-64M is also effective for Bluerunners with low activity.

In the butt section of New "3rd Generation" STILETTO SLOW STYLE, the carbon cloth has been replaced with "Four-direction set carbon cloth" instead of Plain weave carbon cloth.The Four -direction set carbon cloth gives very high strength and very high torsional strength than the old models without increasing rod weight. Not only the high modulus carbon blank is light, tough and has high torsional rigidity, it also has a high sensitivity, too. In the tip part, the Unsanded finish with 1 mm pitch has has been applied in order to keep the lightness and strength.

Fuji "TORZITE" rings with Titanium Frame are used for all guides of New "3rd generation" STILETTO SLOW STYLE series. The ring has a uncommonly high performance in the tenacity and bending strength than Fuji "SIC" ring and is also line-friendly by having high wear resistance.A revolutionary lock nut system is adopted in the reel seats for both Conventional reel and spinning reel models of New "3rd generation" STILETTO SLOW STYLE in order to prevent the loosening of the main nuts.These latest reel seats have been improved in the maneuverability of the Conventional reel and spinning reel models.As for the Conventional reel models of New "3rd generation" STILETTO SLOW STYLE, the same spiral guide setting as the 2nd generation models is applied in order to avoid the contact between the line and blank.
While succeeding to the basic performance of the old models, New "3rd generation" STILETTO SLOW STYLE is sublimed to the higher stage by this model change.The rods makes sharp slow actions and will not miss any slight bites due to their high sensitivity. And New Series cover the jigging from Inchiku game to Bluerunners and from coast range to medium deep sea.They have been developed after a number of field tests not only in Japan but also in Korea and Taiwan. Please feel and enjoy the well-ballanced performance between sensitiveness and toughness of New "3rd generation" STILETTO SLOW STYLE.

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