Spool BB remover II (SLP Works)

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Product Name: SLPW spool BB remover II product code: 00083106

SLP WORKS Spool BB Remover II is the only tool to remove spool shaft pins of some specific DAIWA baitcasting reels such as STEEZ AIR TW, 20 ALPHAS AIR TW and GEKKABIJIN(月下美人) AIR TW PE SPECIAL in order to replace spool bearings.

Please note that the HEDGEHOG STUDIO original Spool Bearing Pin Remover Type:R is not useful for those DAIWA reels because of structural reasons.

SLP WORKS Spool BB Remover II

except for a part of the reel, the spool of bait reel has a built-in ball bearings.
However, since the ball bearing itself is a consumable item, you want to exchange your own! Also Irasshaimasu such.

However, in order to replace the ball bearings, you need a dedicated tool for attaching and detaching the "pin" which is press-fitted into the spool.

Moreover, failure = become spool damage and slightly higher risk of work, it can be thought of as a little hard to areas out of hand.

However, it offers a tool that makes it possible is peace of mind in the SLP WORKS · reliable work.

It is, this "spool BB Remover 2".

Actually's a special tool itself that is used regularly in the after-sales service department.

So to speak "for business".

A special tool with a performance that specializes in work efficiency and reliability, is the necessities of the spool BB tune.

※ Excerpt from 2018 SLP WORKS catalog