Spectra® Shoulder Pouch (A)

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Functional material series based on the concept of "high strength + light weight"
Compact size that is easy to use in various situations

・Uses a combination of Spectra® fabrics and X-PAC fabrics
・Ensures a sufficient amount of storage with multiple pockets
・Removable shoulder belt
・Top zip with key hook pocket
Specification details
■Using Spectra®fabrics
Spectra®fabrics, which pursue strength and lightness, are used in the right places such as the front and bottom where more durability is required.
■Using X-Pac fabrics Uses
X-Pac material with strength, lightness and water repellency.
What is X-PAC
X-PAC is a sailcloth (yacht sail) developed by DIMENSION-POLYANT in the United States, which boasts the world's largest market share. It is an excellent special material that combines strength, lightness, and waterproofness, consisting of a three-layer structure that is bonded together.
What is Spectra®
Spectra fiber is one of the strongest and lightest fibers on the planet. Because it is a very hard and strong material, it cannot be dyed.
A bag that uses a fabric woven with such Spectra fiber is ideal for fishing scenes used in hard situations.