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Spearhead Ryuki 45S

Spearhead Ryuki 45S

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Name Spearhead Ryuuki 45S
Length 45mm
Weight 4.0 g
Type thinking
Hook #12
Ring Line Eye #1 / Hook Eye #1

High basic performance condensed into a small body

A heavy weight sinking minnow "Spearhead Ryuki" with a flat low center of gravity body that produces a sharp action response.

The action rises quickly, responds quickly to rod work, and directs continuous twitching in a short travel distance. It has a high swimming performance that can handle strong and complicated mainstream currents.

At the same time, it eliminates the blurring of the flight posture during casting, realizing outstanding flight distance and excellent accuracy performance. It will surely hit the target sweet spot.

Ryuki 45S is also ideal for capturing headwaters with poor water volume and Satokawa with no depth of water. Although it is small, it has a high specific gravity and excellent casting performance, so it can be used in the mainstream.

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