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Snecon 90S

Snecon 90S

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Product Specification
Length: 90mm
Weight: 15g
Hooks: #6×2
Range: Sinking Pencil 20cm

Widely S-curved swim activates fish eaters!

Because SNECON has the ladder structure at head and unstable gravity balance on body, even in the unity body, it swims widely S-curving on just normal retrieving. The stronger water flows or the farther you are from SNECON, the more its motion becomes certain and stable. Just as a small fish swims across the current, SNECON swims along with the water flow, and activates fish eaters with could not be attracted by other lures.

Fat body creates strong wobbling-and-rolling motion. Weight ball inside head moves freely and irregularly, which makes SNECON irregularly S-curving dive, and clatter sound by weight ball also attracts and gathers fishes.

Super wide snake moving style!

SNECON90S moves “S” shaped orbit such as snake. Big bait lures and jointed big lures are so popular in today. But that can not fly enough distance. SNECON90S is one body and center of gravity moves. So, fly distance is nearly usual sinking pencil. This moving pattern is a lot of types. This is sinking lure, but this is so easily floating. So, you can retrieve shallow area.

※All designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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