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SN-14 EX Snap

SN-14 EX Snap

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High-strength, high-grade SUS wire is wrapped in a V-shape and wrapped around the end, making it a highly durable snap that is designed to stretch when excessive force is applied, avoiding the worst-case scenario of pulling out or breaking. is.
Ideal for various saltwater targets from the shore, as well as for aiming at freshwater monsters on expeditions.

In 2020, #1 compatible with small lures will be released!

●Slide lock system and end wrapping process that allows the entire structure to expand and contract when excessive force is applied
●V-bent design that prevents knot slippage and maximizes strength.
●Uses high hardness SUS to suppress shape change and achieve exceptional breaking strength.

<March 2020> Additional size #1 compatible with small lures is now available!!

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