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Slow Style Stiletto SSS-60ML St. (3G) Soft Tip! BC

Slow Style Stiletto SSS-60ML St. (3G) Soft Tip! BC

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Produced by "Richiro Hisasa" of Angler's Shop Rising! Introducing the innovative soft tip model of 3rd slow style 60st!

Produced by Riichiro Hiasa of Angler's Shop Rising!3rd generation Slow Style 60st with soft tip model is now available!

The original butt section with plain weave carbon cloth of 3rd Generation STILETTO SLOW STYLE Soft Tip model is now replaced with "Four-direction set carbon cloth". The Four -direction set carbon cloth achieved a high level of strength improvement of shape restoring force and torsion suppression without increasing the rod weight. Compared to conventional carbon blanks, the torsional strength and the blank performance are both greatly improved.
Highly elastic carbon blanks with the feature of light, strong and twisting prevention, also gives the benefit of increasing the sensitivity. The rod tip adopts a 1mm pitch unsanded finish and an innovative tubular soft tip to maintain lightness, strength, and sensitivity. The reel seat adopts PULS which is easy to palm in every situation. Improved operability with both 3 and 4 fingers. Spiral guide setting to eliminate contact between blank and line.
Third generation Slow Style Soft Tip model has inherited the basic performance from the original model, but sublimated further minor changes at a higher level.
Produces a sharp slow action, and the ultra-sensitive reverberation transmission ability reacts to even the slightest bite. Performance that covers everything from light jigging fishing to Tuna fishing, and also supports mid-deep water. We want you to enjoy its delicate and tough total balance performance.

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