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Single33 Casting' Pike

Single33 Casting' Pike

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Pike's DNA, which boasts overwhelming performance, is used as a model exclusively for casting games.

A single hook that inherits the performance of "AS-03 Pike", which can be said to be the masterpiece of jigging hooks, and has been dropped for casting games. The flushing process, which is slightly wide and flat, creates the glitter of small fish.
Not only plugs for minnows and small diving pencils, but also sea bass, Spanish mackerel, and small blue-backed fish can be widely used as tail hooks for jig minnows and jigs.

● Flushing processing that creates a small fish-like glitter by applying a wide torso processing.
● Smart eye that allows the split ring to pass through easily and reduces strength anxiety when opening . ● Vertical eye
that allows the split ring to be attached to any plug.
● Uses rust-resistant, highly corrosion-resistant tin plating and aqua block treatment.

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