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Showerblows Shorty

Showerblows Shorty

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Shower Blows Shorty

A feeding shorty that inherits the power of the original.

The amazing pencil bait "Shower Blows" has earned the title of "big bass killer". Morizo ​​wanted to use its overwhelming fish-attracting power in more actual fishing situations, and so he developed the "Shower Blows Shorty". It retains the unquestionable

surface search ability and castability, as well as the strongest "attraction" and "flying" performance in its class, while thoroughly pursuing a body size that is just one step closer to "getting the bite". By rotating it with the original, it is now possible to play a strategic game that can be adapted to a wide range of situations.

■ Shower Blows Series Lineup
Shower Blows 77.7 [77.7mm 9.3g]
・Shower Blows Shorty [105mm 16.3g]
Shower Blows (Original) [125mm 26.0g]
Shower Blows Big Mama [150mm 44.5g]
Shower Blows Soft Shell [77mm 19.0g]


full length 10.5cm Self-restraint 16.3g
type floating Diving Range -
Recommended tackle Rod: Medium light to medium heavy 6'0" to 7'0" baitcasting rod
Line: Fluorocarbon 12-16lb. or Nylon 12-20lb.
Ring (Snap) Size [Line eye] #3, [Hook eye] Front: #3, Center: #3, Rear: #3
Hook Size [EG Treble Magic] Front: #6, Center: #6, Rear: #6



  • Body design
    The fat tail body is designed to give the weight concentrated in the rear an appropriate amount of buoyancy. With an excellent floating posture, the body is well-engaged in the water and responds to even the slightest rod work with a strong action. It also comes with 3 hooks (3 x triple hooks) that are easy to hook and difficult to lose.
  • 1. Building design
    The inside of the lure pushes the water forward strongly, continuously spitting bubbles, while the outside of the lure slaps the water sideways with each movement, moving the water on both sides throughout the action.
  • ② Weight/rattle
    The largest tungsten ball in its class is installed at the very end of the body. It promises incredible casting distance. The weight concentrated at the rear also makes it less likely to be knocked off by bass, resulting in a high hooking rate. The rattle sound that "pierces the water" - a mix of the deep thumping sound of the tungsten ball and the high quality cracker sound of the steel ball - boasts an appeal that will attract fish from a vast area.
  • ③Treble Magic
    Easy to hook and hard to lose. High strength treble hook, Treble Magic #6 standard equipment.
  • ④Treble Magic Feather
    The well-balanced combination of "feathers" that naturally sway with minute water currents and "tinsel" that emits a seductive light to appeal to fish will fascinate you even if you just hold the lure still. In addition, the treble magic feather #6 is standard equipment, which supports the suction during short bites and contributes to an increased hooking rate.
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