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Sephia Clinch Flash Boost 2.5 (QE-X25T)

Sephia Clinch Flash Boost 2.5 (QE-X25T)

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#2.5 10g Sinking Silent 4s/m


The flashing and sharp darts that the bigfin squid can't help but try their hand at!

Equipped with a large flushing plate optimized for body size!

Equipped with the size of the flashing plate optimized according to the size of the 2.5 and 3 body size. Therefore, you can expect a more solid light appeal effect.


Even in situations where there are few changes in Egi's posture, the reflector shakes and flashes!

The flash boost mechanism transmits even the slightest vibrations of the body to the reflector without wasting any waste, so the reflector is not only used during dart action after a jerk, but also during a fall, where there is relatively little change in posture, or during a bottom stay. It shakes and causes flashing. Therefore, the falls and stays, which are particularly important in egging, effectively appeal to the bluefin squid and lead to fishing results.

You can change the taste of light with the cloth body and skeleton body!

The color lineup includes a skeleton type and an upholstered type. The former is characterized by a linear light that is highly appealing, while the latter is characterized by a diffused light that is milder and produces a softer light that is more similar to baitfish.

Double visual appeal with Flash Boost + Keimura color!

Popular Keimura colors are also available!

Six of the 14 colors in the lineup include the popular Keimura color. The synergistic effect of Flash Boost's flashing appeal and Keimura's visual appeal attracts bigfin squid.

Embrace it with “movement”

Clinch Flash Boost is an egi that uses flashing to make the squid aware and a double appeal of the sense of life that continues to move inside to hold the squid firmly. The design that allows continuous darting with a waving sinker is recommended for capturing autumn squid!

*① Edge head: Enhances dart response ② Adopts a straight plane for easy hooking ③ Weaving sinker: Reduced height and lower center of gravity makes continuous darts stable.


Like a living thing

The flash boost unit uses not only flushing but also minute vibrations of the internal plate to imitate the movements of the gills and internal organs of baitfish that great squid love, as well as the sense of life of shrimp that continues to move its front legs finely. It was developed with the purpose of creating a sense of life that can be clearly seen and held by a squid with large eyes.

I can't stop inviting you

Flash Boost enables unstoppable spontaneous appeal that is impossible with ordinary eggs. The flash boost will continue to invite you even at the moment when the bait freezes even though it is the easiest to hit, such as falls, drifts, and bottom stays.

Effective for bigfin squid! Flash Boost & Keimura's Double Appeal

Recommended for cloudy days or when you are in a hurry!


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