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Saruna 147 MAX F

Saruna 147 MAX F

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SW Floating Minnow
Saruna that can be reached firmly by moving the center of gravity

The three concepts of "Salana" are SAltation (jumping), RUmmage (exploration), and NAvigation (navigation).

"Saruna" makes the movement distance of the center of gravity in the body as long as possible, and increases the gravitational inertia generated during casting. Combined with a slender body, this force works to maintain balance even in headwinds and crosswinds, making it possible to cast accurately to the target point.

The small back fin, which looks like a decoration at first glance, stabilizes the attitude during flight, and at the same time, moderately controls the rolling phenomenon that occurs during the first retrieve, and gives excellent straight-line stability. is.


Sarana 147 MAX F

The 147MAX-F is a heavy-duty salana with a view to not only blackfin seabass but also blackfin seabass, dolphin fish, and tuna. Since the body has a double bottom structure and the wire is penetrated so that it crawls to the bottom part, the center of gravity is very low, it is excellent in stability, and it is also very strong. The swim is wide wobbling compared to other Sarana. Designed to emphasize functionality in slow retrieve and to appeal greatly even in short travel distances. When attacking the rocky shore, the speed of the trailing wave alone will move.

LENGTH 147mm
WEIGHT 31.5g
TYPE Equipped with a floating center of gravity movement mechanism Body penetration type laser welding wire
HOOK Cartiva ST-56 # 1/0
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