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Saltimate Mega Slam x8 (200m)

Saltimate Mega Slam x8 (200m)

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PE line for bait tackle

Material: Ultimate PE Type II
Color/volume:Bright green/200m roll single item


●A PE line that matches the bait reel, created under the theme of ``A special line for a special tool.''
●By finishing it with a gentle thread quality that combines low elongation and flexibility, it has a unique texture that makes it easy to cast and does not interfere with lure operation even with a thick pattern.
●Achieves a balance that can withstand the instantaneous impact of sudden backlash, eliminating anxiety when casting.
●The base color is bright green. There are also white markings every 50m, so you can use it at your desired length.

The need for PE line specifically for big baits
Lure fishing using big baits (large lures) has long been a common style overseas where there are many large fish. There are anglers all over the world who find joy in catching "big fish" with these "big lures," and before long, this culture first created a boom in the bass fishing scene in Japan and became established. And the big bait game spread to sea bass in the salt scene. As the market continues to heat up and expand, with the need for specialized rods, reels, hooks, etc. increasing, Sunline has also started developing a PE line specifically for big baits. Through repeated trial and error, we have completed ``MEGA SLAM X8'', a special PE line that matches ``bait tackle x big bait''.

"MEGA SLAM X8" is a PE line filled with the solid thoughts of developers who have made big bait games a part of their style.
Get your own one from this line.

200m single item Stem 4 5 6 7 8 10
MAX LB. 65 80 90 100 110 130
MAX Kg 29.5 36.4 40.9 45.5 50 59.1
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