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Salty Sensation Superior The "Superior" SPRS-63SL-S

Salty Sensation Superior The "Superior" SPRS-63SL-S

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The pinnacle of transcendental sensitivity.


A super light model suitable for 1g class jig head rigs to 3.5g class split shot rigs.

The delicate yet highly elastic short solid tip provides a high-dimensional fusion of "tension sensitivity" that senses the weight of the rig and changes in the current, and "echo sensitivity" that senses the impact of the bite and the texture of the bottom. It has achieved an extremely high level of sensitivity that allows it to detect even the presence of the target.

The strong tension throughout the blank allows for instantaneous hook sets for short bites, operations that flip up rigs sent into deep waters or currents, and fights that take down shaku-class targets in one go. It is possible to use it.

■ Superior actual fishing commentary video
Yuichi Kurohara explains how to actually fish the extremely sensitive light game rod Superior SPRS-63SL-S Superior. It is a must-see to see how they speedily attack the point horse mackerel by making full use of a firm and tight superior and a slightly heavier jig single & split.

full length 1.9m  number of passages
standard dead weight 50g  power super light 
lure range 0.1~3.5g  line range PE0.1~0.3/MF0.8~2lb 



■ Blanks
Equipped with a highly elastic short solid tip with a tip diameter of 0.8 mm, which combines "tension sensitivity" and "reverberation sensitivity" to a high level.

The belly is mainly composed of 30 tons of carbon, and has the optimal tension to smoothly connect the bat from the delicate solid tip and the taut center.The center and bat are made of high strength, high modulus carbon fiber "Trading Card". ®T1100G'' with 33 tons of carbon (approximately 50%) applied with ``Nanoalloy® technology'' and 40 tons of carbon with an even higher elastic modulus, it is ultra-lightweight and ultra-sensitive with strong tension. Provides sufficient strength.

In addition, by intentionally omitting the 4-axis reinforcement between the bat and the grip, we have pursued an even more ultra-light weight, while at the same time emphasizing smooth bending of the butt under high loads, reducing light line breaks.

In order to make the most of the sensitivity of the blanks, the decorative wrapping on the winding check part has been eliminated, and everything except the bat logo part has an unpainted unsand finish.

■ Guide system
Compared to SiC ring guides of the same size, the inner diameter is wider due to the thinness of the ring, and by proactively adopting a titanium frame Torzite ring guide, which has improved line slippage due to the characteristics of the ring surface, the flight distance is completely reduced. One class guide size is reduced compared to the previous model without any sacrifice.

The titanium frame SiC ring LF guide (T-LFSG-3) has a gentle ring cross-sectional shape that makes it difficult to make a sharp angle on the line, and the titanium frame Torzite ring KT from the tip to the butt is used as the top guide. Guides (T-KTTG 3, 3, 3.5, 4.5, 7), the original guide is a titanium frame Torzite ring AT guide (T-ATTG12).

Furthermore, the amount of winding and coating of each guide thread is kept to a minimum, and the top guide is designed to be ultra-lightweight and ultra-sensitive, with only steps taken without winding the thread.

■ Grip design
Ultra-light foregrip with Quattrocross carbon sleeve only.

Fuji IPS reel seat + ultra-compact EVA center grip provides excellent sensitivity transmission due to the large contact surface to the sensitive base of the palm, maintains concentration with a comfortable grip without feeling like a foreign object, and allows for a firm grip during fights.
The EVA end grip is designed to be the smallest and lightest, leaving only the grip necessary for casting, in order to eliminate shaking during rig operation caused by heavy objects at the end. The grip end is equipped with an ultra-lightweight Superior original end plate.

Careful settings have been made to optimize the EVA size for both the center and end depending on the application.

* Regarding the color change of the reel seat hood,
the B color (black finish) has been discontinued, so it will be gradually changed to the IC color (IP shiny gray finish). Also, there is no functional difference depending on the color.
■ Grip length

■ Grip internal structure
Sensitivity transmission is further improved by using the ultra-hard original arbor. In addition, by adopting a blank-through structure, the internal structure is simplified and lighter.

■ Joint
We are particular about smooth bend curves and light weight, and we have adopted a put-over joint that is set to the minimum necessary length.

■Made in Japan
This product is made in Japan. Click here (Grand Cobra Product Development Concept) for more information

about our commitment to Made in Japan .

■ “National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council” certified product
Certificate of compliance with the contents and conditions of the National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council based on the provisions of the Fair Competition Code for Labeling of Fishing Rods, which has been certified by the Fair Trade Commission and the Commissioner of the Consumer Affairs Agency. affixed the "Fishing Rod Fairness Mark".
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