Saltwater Special Pocket Shock Leader FC

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●High quality fluorocarbon line is TRP processed with excellent abrasion resistance and sliding characteristics.
●Due to the high residual holding strength, it has excellent durability and can handle long-duration fights with confidence.
●Optimum elasticity absorbs shocks even to shocking bites, enabling a variety of lure actions.
●Uses a thin spool that can be stocked compactly in a tackle bag or pocket.


■Length : 30m ●Color:Natural Clear


Standard Dia.(mm) 0.285 0.330 0.370 0.405
Strength(lb) 12 16 20 25
Line Size(#) 3 4 5 6


■Length : 20m ●Color:Natural Clear


Standard Dia.(mm) 0.435 0.470 0.520 -
Strength(lb) 30 35 40
Line Size(#) 7 8 10


  • Triple Resin Processing

    Retains its strength and suppleness even when knotted "Triple Resin Processing" is a unique process that fills in the spaces between the molecules with resin. As a result, the line is moisture proof, very slick, and resistant to shock and wear.