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Saltimate PE Jigger ULT x4 1200m

Saltimate PE Jigger ULT x4 1200m

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●Slow pitch jerk needs "water resistance" for intensely moving a jig in water to induce deep sea fish to eat. Smooth Surface processing (SSP) is finished with the ideal smooth surface and makes the jig fall to the deep area at will.
●The specific color pattern is "simple" and "understandable" with a coloring setting that clearly shows the depth of the water and the range. The risk of line biting is reduced by a special dyeing method that suppresses color pitch and reduced luminescence.


Color: 20m x 5 colors / 1200m single item


Size 1 1.2 1.5 1.7 2 2.5 3 4
Strength(lb) 16 20 25 30 35 40 50 60
Strength(kg)MAX 7.7 9.2 11.0 13.0 15.5 18.5 22.0 29.0


  • Low Stretch processing

    High-performance processing designed to suppress initial elongation and achieve high elongation at break of 3%. Considering the balance of strength, elongation, and impact resistance, this high-sensitivity line clearly conveys the bottom and fish on even in deeper places.

  • Smooth Surface processing

    Special processing technology that finishes the surface of the PE line more smoothly. The surface is smooth and the fiber fuzz is suppressed, and it is finished in a structure close to a perfect circle.

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