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Saltimate Infinitive x4 (300m)

Saltimate Infinitive x4 (300m)

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High strength & high sensitivity 4-piece PE line exclusively for jigging

Material: High grade PE line


10m x 5 colors (green & purple & red & blue & orange) / 300m roll single item


●Uses high-grade yarn that has both impact resistance and linear strength that can withstand intense thrusts.
●The newly completed surface processing technology "Performance Sustainable Processing" (PSP) makes it possible to maintain the initial performance for a long time, allowing the metal jig to continue to fall smoothly and jerk without stress.
●Adopts a set pitch that does not easily fluff even with intense jerks. Combined with PSP, high durability continues.
- Adopts a new collar system that reduces the risk of being cut by blowfish and other fish with sharp teeth, while also allowing you to grasp the water depth at the same time.

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