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Saltimate Full Contact x8 (300m)

Saltimate Full Contact x8 (300m)

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8 piece PE line for casting with ultimate strength and distance

Material: High grade PE line
Color/volume:Sakura pink / 300m roll single item


●A casting PE line that combines strong straight lines and durability to catch large fish (amberjack, tuna, GT, etc...).
●A special coating is used to maintain stable flight distance even after repeated casts. Realizes smooth line release.
●Because it has a moderate amount of firmness, it reduces troubles such as guide entanglement and air knots even when you cannot cast in a headwind, crosswind, or in the best position.
●Adopts "Sakura Pink" which provides high visibility even during times of low light. It becomes easier for not only yourself but also other anglers to understand the existence of the line, reducing troubles such as line crossing.

Thoughts behind Full Contact X8

Development started with the first sample in 2021. After many trial productions and improvements, we finally completed the PE line for casting, ``FULL CONTACT X8''.
What I wanted for this line was ``a strong straight line that would allow me to compete with large fish with confidence'', ``a combination and processing that would maintain good condition even after repeated casts'', and ``a color that would balance both visibility and impact''.
These may be the basic elements we look for in a line, but by thoroughly examining these fundamentals, we were able to create a line that can be trusted with the utmost confidence.
We are now releasing the long-awaited line ``FULL CONTACTX8'' that brings absolute peace of mind to offshore er games.

In actual fishing tests, the high potential of Full Contact X8 was confirmed every time a large fish was caught.
A line that shines in cherry pink and has been refined through fighting with various areas and fish species.

Enjoy interacting with large fish with all your heart!

Standard No. pattern Four Five 6 8 Ten 12
MAX LB. 63 78 88 105 125 155
MAX Kg 28.6 35.5 40 47.7 56.8 70.5
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