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S-System (For Shimano)

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Installation guide for S-System here.

Installation guide for S-System power here.

IOS Drag System Compatibility
Reel Name Drag System
VANFORD 1000S~C3000 S-System
(If it interferes with the rotor nut, use a 2-hole specification and fix it with the lower hole.)
VANFORD 2500S、2500SHG S-System(2-hole specification, fixed with the lower hole)
VANFORD C3000 S-System
VANFORD 4000class S-System POWER
18STELLA 3000MHG S-System
10~18STELLA 1000~C3000
*Please contact us for 07STELLA
14STELLA 3000~4000 S-System POWER
10STELLA 3000~4000 S-System POWER
18STELLA 4000class~C5000class
(Confirming installation for 3000class)
S-System POWER
10EXSENCE 4000 classes after S-System POWER
12~19Vanquish 1000~3000(C3000、3000MHG include) S-System
12~19Vanquish 4000 S-System
STRADIC 1000~C3000(CI4 include) S-System
11~17TWIN POWER 1000~C3000 S-System
15TWIN POWER XD C3000 S-System
15TWIN POWER 1000~C3000 S-System
20TWIN POWER 1000~3000MHG(C3000 include) S-System
20TWIN POWER 4000 S-System POWER
15TWIN POWER XD 4000~C5000 S-System POWER
15TWIN POWER 4000~C5000(Confirming installation for 3000class) S-System POWER
11TWIN POWER Subsequent 3000-C5000 S-System POWER