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Revoltage Spinning

Revoltage Spinning

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Name Type Length Pcs Power Blanks Weight Lure (g) Line (lb.)
RV-S65UL Spinning 6'5 ”(1.96m) 1 ULTRA LIGHT TUBULAR 94g 0.9-7g 2-5lb
RV-C63ML Casting 6'3 ”(1.90m) 1 MEDIUM LIGHT TUBULAR 108g 5-18g 8-16lb
RV-C66M Casting 6'6 ”(1.98m) 1 MEDIUM TUBULAR 121g 7-21g 10-16lb
RV-C68ML-FML Casting 6'8 ”(2.03m) 1 MEDIUM LIGHT Low Modulus TUBULAR 120g 5-18g 8-16lb
RV-C610M Casting 6'10 ”(2.08m) 1 MEDIUM TUBULAR 120g 7-21g 10-16lb
RV-C610H Casting 6'10 ”(2.08m) 1 HEAVY TUBULAR 129g 10-42g 12-25lb
RV-S510SUL-ST Spinning 5'10 ”(1.78m) 1 SUPER ULTRA LIGHT SOLID TIP 81g 0.9-5g 2-5lb
RV-S61L Spinning 6'1 ”(1.86m) 1 LIGHT TUBULAR 88g 1.8-7g 3-6lb
RV-S64UL Spinning 6'4 ”(1.93m) 1 ULTRA LIGHT TUBULAR 90g 1.8-7g 3-6lb
RV-S68MH + Spinning 6'8 ”(2.03m) 1 MEDIUM HEAVY PLUS TUBULAR 108g 3.5-18g 8-14lb / PE MAX # 2.0
RV-C66M-LST Casting 6'6 ”(1.98m) 1 MEDIUM TUBULAR-Long Solid Tip 110g 3.5-18g 8-14lb
RV-C68MH Casting 6'8 ”(2.03m) 1 MEDIUM HEAVY TUBULAR 119g 7-28g 10-20lb
RV-C69L + Casting 6'9 ”(2.06m) 1 LIGHT + TUBULAR 114g 2.7-10g 6-12lb
RV-C69MH-MON Casting 6'9 ”(2.06m) 2 MEDIUM HEAVY-MONSTER TUBULAR 138g 7-35g 10-20lb
RV-C70MH-FMG Casting 7'0 ”(2.13m) 1 MEDIUM HEAVY TUBULAR / GLASS COMPOSITE 131g 7-35g 10-20lb
RV-C73H Casting 7'3 ”(2.21m) 2 HEAVY TUBULAR 138g 10-42g 12-25lb / PE No. 5
RV-S61UL-ST Spinning 6'1 ”(1.86m) 1 ULTRA LIGHT TUBULAR-Solid Tip 96g 0.9-5g 2-5lb
RV-S65L Spinning 6'5 ”(1.96m) 1 LIGHT TUBULAR 101g 1.8-7g 3-6lb / PE No. 1
RV-S69MH-MON Spinning 6'9 ”(2.06m) 2 MEDIUM HEAVY-MONSTER TUBULAR 136g 7-28g 8-16lb
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