Reversible Case L-86

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The "REVERSIBLE" series can be efficiently stored in a space-saving manner by adopting a facing triangle structure.
By making the outer dimensions of the main body L size (W175 x D105mm), storage in the tackle box has become more convenient.
By placing the main unit vertically, it is possible to store the system under the BM-5000, VS-7090N, VS-7080N, VS-7080, VS-7070N, and VS-7070. Fully washable with a drain duct.
Can store 12 lures up to 86mm in length. *May not be compatible with some manufacturers.

■ The system can be stored in the attached middle plate
<BM-5000, VS-7090N, VS-7080N, VS-7080>

■ System can be stored in the upper part of the box
<VS-7070N, VS-7070, VS-7055N, VS-7055>