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Reina JW

Reina JW

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Size: 50mm Weight: 3.1g
Depth: 0.3m
Action: Wobbling & Rolling

Joint works that evolve rockfish plucking!
JW (Joint Works) by Kyushu lure builder SMF2, Takahiro Shinkawa and Bathday.
The hybrid lure is born by combining overwhelming experience and development technology.
A darter type that is rare for rockfish lures. The approach is infinite.
Pop, dive, kickback, swing, wobble roll,
all operations are possible and stir the imagination of anglers.
The distance traveled is short, and he is good at attacking. Since the depth is shallow, it is possible to pull on the algae.
The cuteness of the appearance is also characteristic, but
it is a new category lure for rockfish that has been carefully designed in terms of weight distribution, shape, and buoyancy.
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