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Reel Stop Rubber

Reel Stop Rubber

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In fishing that repeats jigging and casting, the nut part of the reel seat is easy to loosen and unstable with the conventional reel seat. To solve this problem, Zenak's salt water rods have been equipped with a unique double nut ring. Furthermore, by installing this reel stop rubber, the loosening prevention effect is enhanced, and the feeling of hitting the palm becomes soft and pain can be eliminated even after long hours of fishing. Of course, it is also effective for normal reel seats without double nut rings.

type Size (length x inner diameter)
per unit
Wearable reel seat diameter
short type 30mmL x 15mmΦ (2 pieces) Φ25~30mm
long type 60mmL x 15mmΦ (1 piece) Φ25~30mm


Another way to use it is to attach it to the center of the reel seat to stop the reel from moving left and right. I've heard this complaint a lot, especially with spinning reels. The reel seat for spinning has a circular part on which the reel foot is placed, and even if the nut is tightened strongly, the shake does not stop, but by installing it here, at the same time as the shake to the left and right, it is tightened more strongly than necessary. The reel can be fixed firmly without it. Although it is a simple part, it reduces stress and improves concentration while fishing.

A long type has been added to the convenient reel stop rubber.
The long type nut part can also be fully covered and the grip is further improved.

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