RCS HLC Spool 1516 G1 (Silver)

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RCS Baitcasting HLC Spool

G1 duralumin spool for super long throw

Item features

■HLC (= hyper long cast) spool for anglers who want to fly farther.
■Made of G1 duralumin, which boasts 1.3 times the strength of extra super duralumin and twice the strength of magnesium, and achieves overwhelming weight reduction with the same strength.
■Since the spring of the induct rotor is of a very strong type, the induct rotor will not pop out if you cast with a small amount of force, and it is rather prone to backlash. A setting that brakes for the first time with a firm "shaking off" cast.

■Compatible with Daiwa bait reel RCSB1500 size (example: Zillion TW 1516 series). By replacing the spool, you can get the casting performance of Zillion TW HLC.

* Not compatible with TD Zillion and TATULA.

Product name Standard weight (g) Standard winding weight nylon (lb-m) Spool front end diameter
1516 14 16-100