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Rapier Rod

Rapier Rod

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High elasticity and high strength full solid,

born here

A new item from SFC, which has mastered the slow pitch jerk, is SFC's first full carbon solid rod "Rapier".

In the world of jigging, high-repulsion carbon tubular rods are standard, and they are said to be unsuitable for strong bending. However, in order to respond to the voice of people who want to enjoy exciting bending fights, we continued our development and made use of the high elasticity and high strength technology cultivated at JEREX to create a rod that bends powerfully and flexibly.

High-strength, high-modulus Toray T800 30t carbon solid is used from the tip to the end. It has strength far beyond imagination and suppleness of a different dimension, and although it is extremely slender, it is strong against bending, and also has repulsion.
Furthermore, it provides jig operability that could not be achieved with conventional solid rods. The length is SFC's signature 6.3 feet, and it is designed with a slightly fast taper. It has excellent elasticity, so you can experience the fun of manipulating the jig, and it also has outstanding strength, so you can enjoy dramatic games by bending the rod as much as you can after hooking a fish.
You will be satisfied with the high precision and careful finish achieved by Made in Japan techniques. Enjoy the thrill of bending and fighting to your heart's content with a rapier that specializes in strength and flexibility.
Image of cross section
Strong because it is full solid
Tough and flexible due to the full solid specification with no hollow core. Also, normally carbon solid rods of this thickness are often joined near the butt, but the Rapier is designed without a joint from the tip to the rear grip end. This greatly improves transmission performance and breaking strength.
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