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Quick Zero1 200g

Quick Zero1 200g

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A high-response metal jig that precisely lures targets such as amberjack, red sea bream, Spanish mackerel, grouper, etc. that migrate around the bottom that reaches the pin spot with a delicate action of fine input. The lateral turning and horizontal spiral action with few action mistakes floats in the target's feeding zone for a long time, enabling continuous production of lure and bite. It also has a good track record in aiming for yellowtail that invites with fall action.


Irregular Invitations

Irregular agility, realistic representation of weakened bait

Irregular action that spirals in multiple directions stimulates irregular appeal with complex waves and reflection directions. Since the movement distance is suppressed and the switch to the next action is fast, and a certain swimming layer is invited to slow at a fixed point, it is easy to give the target an opportunity to attract and prey.

Spiral Motion

From light to heavy, it responds sharply to subtle inputs

The quick action of the fine swing that responds to a slight input goes well with low gear and light jig rods, and it responds with a sharp action even in situations where it is difficult to transmit input in deep areas with strong tides and heavy lines. From root fish to amberjack, it certainly attracts all targets in the bottom zone.

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