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Qoop 45

Qoop 45

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Qoop 45
Create a place that attracts, gathers, and attracts with sound and waves.
  • Different sounds are generated from the weights and cups!
  • The built-in glow ball appeals to fish moderately!
  • 45mm size for operability and appeal!
ima's first pencil popper for light games, Qoop 45. The main targets are rockfish and small migratory fish. Two different sounds are produced by the pop sound of the cup and the rattle sound of the ball weight! A glow ball is built in the abdomen, making it possible to see the lure even in a rocky shore without a nightlight. With a small top plug in the 30mm class, the movement tends to break easily, so the body was set to 45mm for operability.
  • [Overall length] 45mm
  • [Weight] 3g
  • [Type] Top water
  • [Range] 0 cm
  • [Action] Dog Walk
  • [Hook] # 12
  • [Ring] # 1
  • [Main target] Rockfish
  • [Recommended area] Port / tidal flat / estuary / river / rocky shore
  • [Birthday] November 30, 2019
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