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Pull 90F

Pull 90F

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The development started with the words of ism professional staff member Maki Tomizawa: `` Someone has appeared who has given up on I-shaped lures .''

I-shaped lures have been attracting fish and producing outstanding fishing results just by winding them. However, in recent years, they have often been given up on by clever big fish.
I tried various things with existing I-shaped lures, such as adding action and trying long stays, but all were different...It doesn't move because it
moves too much, and it doesn't work if it doesn't move...

The answer I came up with is against rod action. A lure that has contradictory elements: an action that pulls and rolls on the spot, and a dying baitfish floating on the water surface that trembles and emits ripples.It doesn't move, but it moves!

Surface ripple action that requires no explanation! !
Escape action that makes you eat with one dive!
Fly away with PE setting spinning tackle! !
Can also be used with bait tackle!
The strongest appeal and power in the series! !

Diving depth 0-0.5m
Size: 90mm / Weight: ≒8.5g
Hook: Front #6/Rear #8 Feather hook


PULL-90F PV in Iruka Pond

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