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Predator Tackle Bag Monochrome S

Predator Tackle Bag Monochrome S

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Predator Tackle Bag Monochrome

[S package]
Outer dimensions width 27 cm, length 18 cm, height (depth) 11cm
Inside dimensions: width 26 cm, height 16 cm, depth 8.5 cm

We have added a new color black, "Monochrome" to the predator tackle bag, which is characterized by its high waterproofness and self-reliance. In addition to adding new colors, each part has been updated. We also improved the lightness and durability.

The new M package and the popular S package. Especially when I go out for a while, I use the S package alone when I want to take only this with me for a little while. In addition, it is a convenient size that can be used as multiple small compartments and stored in a large bag.

The M package is just double the size of the S package and half the size of the XL package. It feels more bulky than a messenger bag that I use often, and it can hold luggage for two days and one night. In terms of equipment, the image is that a single genre of equipment such as a camera, fishing gear, digital gadget, camping equipment, etc.

Which do you choose? Which do you choose? Predator

Tackle Bag

We have prepared S package and M package from the beginning, which are convenient for everyday use. Please choose according to every situation. 
[M package]
External dimensions: width 33 cm, length 23 cm, height (depth) 13cm
Inner dimensions: width 31 cm, height 21 cm, depth 11 cm 

The interior is made of nylon, and there are 2 vertical partitions for S and 3 for M. Various combinations can be made by moving the partition plate to the desired position or removing it.
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