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Power Drag Grease (MY)

Power Drag Grease (MY)

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DEUTHLON Power Drag Grease

Amazing power drag grease – Enhances drag force by a factor of 50 ~ 60% extra. Outstanding adhesion properties, yet remarkably smooth when under high drag load. 

Advantages of DEUTHLON Power Drag Grease

  • Extremely high shear strength stability & smooth
  • Extreme pressure (EP) properties with calcium sulfonate thickeners
  • Excellent water-resistant, sealing and corrosion-resistant properties
  • Superb adhesion on substrate with its unique Polarized technology 
  • Highly consistent and long-lasting lubrication properties


  • Non-Newtonian properties – shear thickening of grease occurs when shear rate increases, provides a smooth and increasingly strong drag force
  • Extremely high shear thickening strength - Tenaciously strong for consistently strong stopping power
  • Exceptionally smooth - Smooth drag release with no jerkiness & won’t force out under high drag force
  • Outstanding adhesion - Polarized TechnologyTM for superior adhesion on substrate
  • Excellent water wash-out resistance - AQUA-Shield TM technology, wash out resistance by water blast (salt water) at 60 psi / cone nozzle pattern at 1-meter distance
  • Nontoxic, Eco safe - Solvent free makes this grease safe on rubber, plastics, and soft metals.

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